Opening of the Fourth Summit

The Fourth Summit of Indigenous peoples started this morning with a ritual ceremony in the central plaza (Plaza de Armas) in Puno. After the ceremony, we had breakfast and then left on a march that wound its way through the streets of Puno and down to the Lake Titikaka waterfront. A stage was set up there where we had the inaugural session of the summit, and then 2 panels with 3 speakers each. The first panel was on the crisis of capitalism and the second on plurinationalism. After that inaugural session, we continued on to the university where we had lunch.

Closure of Women’s Summit

The women’s forum closed Thursday afternoon with a marathon 4-hr long plenary session. The session began with reports from the six sessions that met in the morning. The program lists 4: Women’s rights in light of collective rights, Women and the construction of power and democracy, Models of development and the impact of globalization from the point of view of women, and Violence and discrimination against Indigenous women. Apparently 2 more on communication and cosmology/identity were added.

Youth Meeting

The Fourth Indigenous Summit is continuing today with the inauguration of the Second Continental Encounter of Indigenous Youth of Abya Yala. This morning the youth met in the Coliseo of the University to lay out their social, cultural, economic, and political agendas.

Indigenous Women’s Summit

The First Indigenous Women’s Summit started yesterday with a march from the (appropriately selected) women’s plaza to the university where the summit will meet. It was a small march, followed by at least as many cops as marchers. Upon arrival at the university we were joined by several other (and larger) marches. Several (male) spiritual leaders led a religious ceremony on the university grounds.

We then proceeded into an auditorium for opening ceremonies for the women’s summit. We then proceeded into 3 central panels that set the central themes for the summit:

I Cumbre de Mujeres Indígenas

The Fourth Continental Summit of Indigenous Peoples and Nationalities of Abya Yala began yesterday in Puno, Peru, with the First Summit of Indigenous Women.

I am uploading some pictures from the summit to

I am also uploading audio files to These files include:

ceremony: Ritual opening ceremony for the summit



*Puno, Perú, 27 al 31 de mayo del 2009

Reunión continental de coordinación

La ciudad del Lago Titicaca se prepara para recibir a los pueblos del Abya
*Puno*.- Las organizaciones indígenas integrantes de la Comisión
Organizadora de la IV Cumbre Continental de Pueblos y Nacionalidades
Indígenas del Abya Yala se reunieron hoy en esta ciudad para coordinar los
últimos detalles de este importante evento.

En la reunión participaron Miguel Palacín Quispe, Coordinador General de la

Mensaje a Abya Yala Norte


En vista de la IV Cumbre Continental de Pueblos y Nacionalidades Indígenas del Abya Yala a realizarse en Puno, Perú Mayo 27-31, 2009, proponemos complementarnos con consultas regionales desde los territorios del Abya Yala Norte, por vía de las organizaciones y Consejos Tradicionales de la Naciones de los Pueblos Indígenas para consolidar nuestras prioridades a tomar posición colectiva en la IV Cumbre de Puno, Perú.

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