Working Group 1.1 Cosmovision, Identity and Spirituality

Working Group 1.1 Cosmovision, Identity and Spirituality

Recalling the memory, the struggle and spirit of the ancestors of our Millenial Peoples, whose legacy is the sustenance of the Original Peoples of Abya Yala;

Reclaiming the power of our destiny as Peoples of Humanity, founded on the principle of Complementary in Duality which in practice of solidarity and reciprocity is crystallized through AYNI.

In the safeguarding of the rights of Present and Future Generations of our Original Peoples:

Invoking the ancestral mandates of our Continental Confederation of the Eagle and the Condor, whose continental cultural tradition of Abya Yala is assumed by the Grand Council of the Nations of Abya Yala and the Peace and Dignity Journeys whose efforts must be supported as an offering towards the Cosmetric Cultural Transformation of Humanity to regenerate a balanced and harmonious relationship with Mother Earth and Nature.

Invoking the Treaty of Teotihuacan proclaimed at the First Continental Indigenous Summit of 2000 in Mexico, which was then reaffirmed by the Compact of Iximché during the III Continental Summit of Pueblos and Nations of Abya Yala realized in Iximché in Guatemala in 2007.

We Proclaim and Propose:

1. We are determined to break with the ideas and principles of the obscurantist mentality of sixteenth-century Europe and the present followers of these doctrines, by regeneration of the principles of origination Abya Yala as being one of the most important references to our Sources of Life.

2. We intend to regenerate the building Panakas and ceremonial centers, because the time is now to re-evaluate and rebuild our identity with our cultural vision of the cosmos in order to realize the process of decolonization, by integrating our collective vision from the perspective of our territories, with the understanding that our cosmic vision is for Good Living – the principle of Sumak Kawsay with Mother Earth and in accord with the organization of our governments.

3. We shall initiate the recovery of ceremonial centers and sacred sites of all indigenous Nations and Peoples of Abya Yala, forbidding their use as tourist sites, for private business interests, or those of the state, to be empowered by the commitment of all the spiritual guides of each of our Indigenous Peoples to protect them.

4. We shall conduct an inventory of our Sacred Natural Wakas, because they are the natural sources that sustain the natural infrastructure of the world, serving as cleansing energies of magnetism for human thought in order to better care for our Pachamama - Mother Earth.

5. We determine to refound the States by integrating governors of Indigenous Peoples, where our national and international authorities shall know, practice and live the vision of our culture and not be obliged to political parties or Christian religious leadership or, that of other religions.

6. We propose to declare the Solstice of June 21 of each year as the beginning of a New Cosmic Year for the Indigenous Peoples and Nations of Origin Abya Yala, nominating Spiritual Time Keepers to correlate our Cosmic Calendars, with the knowledge of interpretation.

7. We propose that each village, town and city should reestablish our own spaces of vital cosmic knowledge, recuperating the knowledge of healing through the energy of nature and recovering the efforts of the Amautas of our Ancestral Peoples who practiced the ways of life in terms of education, based on the spirituality of life, integrating the political and economic dimensions.

8. We shall assume responsibility for restoring equilibrium with our Mother Earth and the biodiversity of plant life, waterways, the winds, seeds, forests, including indigenous flora and fauna. In this way we shall restore the health of all living beings of our Mother Earth.

9. We shall identify, defend and protect the Plant Teachers that are part of our original cultures and which also form part of our ceremonies and cosmology (coca, peyote, ayahuasca, achuma and others).

H Amauta Jorge Javier Sandoval
Responsible Tinku

Juan Carlos Donoso

Ricardo Gave Che
Inka Apu

Tupac Enrique Acosta
Izkalotlan, Aztlan

Asdrubal Torres
Tayrona Peoples

Mario Jesus Pascual
Coordinator Staff
Mazahua MEXICO
Peace and Dignity Journeys

Leopoldo Mendez
Convergence Waquib'kej

Maristela Sousa Indigenous women

Carmen Sanchez Huapaya
Mamacona Kapac Supaq Ayllu